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Many of the big brand golf companies such as Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, and so on, have outrageously high prices. For example, the Sumo2 is one of the most popular and best selling clubs from Nike. It retails from both online and brick and mortar stores for $399. However, there are several clones on the market, such as the SV4 from Integra which Redwing Golf sells for only $79.95. The SV4 not only looks similar to the Sumo Squared from Nike, but it also has very similar technology. Both clubs are made of lightweight titanium and both clubs have a unique square design. The square design pulls the weight to the rear heel of the club, effectively increasing the moment of inertia. This reduces twisting of the club-head on impact, even on off-center hits.
So what are you paying for when you buy a brand name club? Much of the cost is attributed solely to the name. For example, Callaway golf has worked hard to make it’s name one of the leading brand names in golf, and because of this, they can charge more for their clubs. Nike pays Tiger Woods enormous amounts of money for him to endorse their clubs. That cost is passed on to the customer. When you buy cloned golf clubs, you are purchasing a club that has similar looks and similar technology to the leading brands, but cost up to 80% less.
The quality of the cloned golf clubs featured on this site are just as high as those that carry the huge brand name. All of the clubs you see on are of quality so high that they can effectively be sold on their own merit. If you can get the same technology and looks of a brand name club for under $100, why would you want to spend $399 for a Nike driver? Give one of our clubs a try and see what you think.

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